Bring People Closer

#BeingFriend is created to bring people together. As more people are in dire need of a caring friend, Friendship Ambassadors will fill that void. By wearing #BeingFriend, you communicate a message that you are a #FriendshipAmbassador and always available for anyone needing a friend or support to talk.

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Clothing with a purpose

#BeingFriend merchandise would be used to spread compassion, empathy, and leadership. Every-time you wear a #BeingFriend clothing, you not only spread the idea of togetherness but also support charities that work to stop bullying, treat loneliness and depression.

Wear - Lead - Inspire

Everyone who wears #BeingFriend clothing understands that they are becoming #FriendshipAmbassadors and #EmpathyAmbassadors to promote the idea of friendship and care among their circles. Everyone wearing #BeingFriend is a leader who wish to make the world friendlier and supportive for everyone.


By wearing #BeingFriend clothing, you join our league of #FriendshipAmbassadors who are making the world a better place for everyone by becoming a friend in need. They join forces and come together to give the world all the friends it needs

Our Story!

#BeingFriend founder Pragna, a seven-year-old participated in a rally to show support for Parkland Shooting victims. Seeing outpouring support, she thought about other ways to help. Heartfelt conversation led to a simple idea of creating #BeingFriend, a company that would not only spread the message of love, care, togetherness, and empathy but also uses the profits to support charities that help solve the problem of depression, loneliness, bullying, and poverty.

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